Julia Kästner, Australia

It was always my dream to visit Australia. With the possibility to study abroad in my third year of studies I saw a chance to make this dream come true. Studying economics it was also interesting to go to Australia, because of the economic upswing its experiencing. In one years time I will have to look for a job. Maybe in Australia? Who knows...

It is a unique experience that will change your life, and that you will always look back to.

Julie, Gold Coast, Australia

Choose three words to describe the Study Abroad Experience?

  • hot (35°C and beyond)
  • exotic (they have some pretty amazing animals and plants over there)
  • G'day mate (pronounce like one word; the people are very nice and open)

My Studies

The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of the best in Australia. Yes, there are better ones, but UQ's location makes it a good starting point for travelling.

You get to know teaching styles different from the ones at your home university and can try courses which you couldn't have studied otherwise.

I hope that it will improve my chances to find a job after I graduate. I see things in a different light: that there is more than just the UK or Europe but a part of the world that is called Asia-Pacific and that will become more important.

Three things that you missed most from home/Glasgow?

  • my family and friends
  • the long European summer days - the Australian sun sets at around 7pm in summer
  • you won't believe it, but it would have to be rain!