Maria A Serna, Colombia

I developed an interest for British culture in my teenage years, especially because I love British music (first it was Britpop, now it's a lot of things, and film and literature too)! I had also been studying the language since childhood, so it was easier for me to go to an English-speaking part of the world. The department in which I'm based is very good and prestigious in my field of study, since they edit an important journal. Research interests of some professors also seemed to be relevant to what I was doing.

Maria in a doorway

How would you plan a perfect day spent in Glasgow?

1903 After a full Scottish breakfast, take a train to Pollok Country Park to visit the shaggy coos (cute hairy cattle) and be amazed at the Burrell Collection. Walk leisurely back across Govan eating fish and chips, see the new developments at the harbour, and cross the Clyde to get to the city centre. Rest your feet while seeing a movie at the Glasgow Film Theatre, then head for the wonderful karaoke bar by the central station. After a few pints, go and see the Easy Orchestra play at the Butterfly and the Pig – you are never too tired to dance if they're playing.

What advantages will your education give you?

Hopefully, it will allow me to secure a teaching position at uni back home. I also hope it will qualify me if I want to do a PhD later on.